Se.Ti.oil srl is a company that produces and markets oil from seeds or oily fruits with cold pressing and with a reuse of by-products in the form of grains or flours according to needs.

Se.Ti.oil srl - Vendita online di oli o farine da frutti oleosi

Founded in 2018 by Sena Massimo, Doctor of Science and Food Technologies, Se.Ti.oil srl has the main mission of producing products with a nutritional quality that helps health. Thanks to the knowledge, studies of the owner and thanks to new extraction technologies, safe and useful products for health can be guaranteed. The seed oils produced by the company are highly unsaturated and therefore have clear and well-known capacity to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, the flours that derive from oil seeds and oily fruits, on the other hand, are flours with a high fiber content and in some cases with more proteins and carbohydrates, an ideal combination for most vegetable-based diets.

On this site the online sale of oils from seeds or oily fruits with cold pressing and by-products will be carried out, in addition Se.Ti.oil also implements the practice of subcontracting, therefore, those who want to carry out one or more stages of extraction of oils can contact and book the processing.

In fact, the following processes are carried out: exclusive extraction of oils, extraction of flours and grains, bottling of oils and vacuum packaging of dried fruit, flour and many others.

In the start-up phase it is establishing itself in the world of products derived from dried fruit, and mainly nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. He created the Sentore di … brand based on the dried fruit used, in fact, with the separation in oil and flour, the products manage to retain a hint of the raw material of derivation, but unlike this, they are a concentrate of active principle , e.g. walnut oil is rich in omega 3-6-9 useful for breaking down cholesterol and triglycerides, flour instead is rich in fiber and vegetable proteins excellent for those who want to implement a vegetarian diet.








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